Litigation & Arbitration

With one of the highest litigation success rates in the Kingdom, our specialists in the Litigation and Arbitration Department have a proven track record of securing the most favorable outcomes for our clients, even in the most complex disputes. Our approach has always been underpinned by excellence and collaboration. We are repeatedly entrusted by corporate and private clients due to the comprehensive service we provide, in which client matters are not split between different lawyers but rather tackled by a team as a whole. This allows us to generate holistic and innovative solutions which, alongside our strategic approach and resilience, has rendered us the successful litigators we are today.

However, we are well aware that litigation is not always the most efficient nor appropriate solution for all disputes. Consequently, our experts evaluate each claim from the onset and provide clients with a detailed risk assessment regarding their position as well as the likelihood of all potential outcomes. After consulting with our clients, we ensure to explore all avenues of alternative dispute resolution to preserve our clients’ commercial dealings and protect their interests before proceeding with litigation. 

We regularly represent clients on all levels in the Jordanian civil courts, including Administrative Courts, the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court. We also act for clients in numerous alternative dispute resolution forums, including mediation, expert determination and arbitration. In fact, members of our Litigation and Arbitration team are nationally and internationally recognized arbitrators that are often selected as part of arbitration tribunals regarding complex multi-jurisdictional disputes in numerous sectors.

Key Experience: 

  • Successfully represented a global humanitarian organization and established a novel legal principle in the judicial treatment of medical negligence.  
  • Successfully represented a leading technology company in acquiring a clearance worth JOD 100 million from the Jordanian Customs Department.  
  • Successfully represented a nationally recognized corporation in high-stake employment proceedings, altering the judicial interpretation of fixed and unfixed employment contracts. 
  • Successfully represented a major real estate and construction firm in arbitration proceedings against several internationally acclaimed hotels. 
  • Successfully represented an independent sports federation in arbitration proceedings with key sponsors.