Considering the difficulties that businesses face when recruiting specialized talent and adapting to regulatory changes, we provide our clients with the tools they need to revise and modify their work structure to stay compliant with the constantly changing legal environment.

Our firm’s multifaceted expertise ensures that all our client’s employment dealings are effectively managed, from day-to-day HR queries to high-stake litigation. We offer a comprehensive service that takes into account the relevant national and international regulatory obligations, business interests, incentivizing and maintaining talent and financial considerations.

Our team is well-versed in managing all matters and procedures pertaining to the Ministry of Labor, the Social Security Corporation, the Income Tax Department and other governmental and quasi-governmental bodies. Our high-level advisors are adept in all matters pertaining to workplace relationship contracts, pensions, work permits and legislative and policy procedures. We also take note of the importance of working hand in hand with our litigation team on employment matters to mitigate all risks and future-proof any current issue our clients may face before they can escalate.

Key Experience: 

  • Consulted on the drafting of the Jordanian Labor law and its reforms. 
  • Advised a major international Non-for-Profit Organization on the recruitment of its employees and workplace relocation.
  • Provided clients with comprehensive legal consultations regarding the latest Defense Orders and their effects on employment contracts.  
  • Acted for major international organizations in handling employee complaints and conducted internal investigations.  
  • Represented several private schools in the redrafting of their employment contracts. 
  • Advised a global humanitarian organization on the legal status of its employees and consultants.